Is Joe Jonas’ New GF Ruining His Relationship With Fans?

The Jonas Bros gained worldwide fame with their catchy pop songs and dark haired good looks. They have a reputation for being exceptionally sweet to their fans as a way of saying thank you for buying their music, merchandise and selling out their shows! Frontman Joe Jonas is still a heartthrob for teens around the world, but could his new relationship with 29-year-old girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler be compromising his normally nice guy ways?

An awkward run-in with a fan during a date with Blanda in NYC seems to have soured one fans opinion about Joe and he wants the world to know about it!

Andy Hertfeld, the extremely disappointed fan, dished his dismal encounter with the boy bander to RadarOnline. According to the 19-year-old college student, he was with a group of friends Saturday night when they spotted Joe and Blanda smoking outside of NYC eatery, Sauce.

He told RadarOnline: “As we were walking closer we saw that he was smoking a cigarette with Blanda, and the minute he saw us walking closer he threw it down. After we approached him, he shook his head no.”

Despite the unencouraging body language, the excited fans kept going toward them. One of Andy’s friends asked Joe for a photo, but was allegedly told by Joe, “We do so much for you. We do everything and you want a picture? Get out of here.”

Eek! Sounds like Joe doesn’t want anyone interrupting his time with Blanda! We don’t want to believe this story, but if it’s true, Joe needs an attitude adjustment …stat!

Do you think Joe was trying to look cool in front of Blanda?