Style Profile: Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain bewitches me (yeah, I said bewitch, deal with it). The flame-haired actress emerged from osbcurity to become a full-blown cinematic sensation in 2011 with a slew of critically acclaimed performances in films like The Tree Of Life and The Help, and has been racking up nominations and awards ever since. This is particularly good for our eyeballs, as Chastain might be one of the last remaining truly glamorous Hollywood stars, exuding elegance and grace and va-va-voom (yeah, I said va-va-voom, deal with it) with every ensemble. Luckily it’s awards season, and with all the praise for her performance in Zero Dark Thirty, we think we’ll be getting a lot more of Chastain in the months to come.

We gathered some of her best looks from over the last year or so. Comment on your favorites, and let us know what you think of Jessica’s style.


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