You Can’t Run When You’re Holding Suitcases

I’ve been trying to let go of the extra baggage that has been weighing me down since Summer. Can’t tell you the countless drafts of words that I’ve written, trying express how I have been feeling since that day that had me crying in a city that wasn’t home.

The 8 of hearts has shattered

crushed on the 19th at 9081

holding hands with the silver screen

thrown away like a bandaid

Why is it so hard to let go of something? You start to look back and wonder if there were warning signs. Signs, that told you it was going no where and you were just company till he got back to where he was going.

Rendevous with Blix

A kiss sealed with a lie

Little Black Hat

Left with no return

I guess it ended on the 9th when I got on that plane. So why am I still hoping you’d come back? Is it because I hope you will admit what you did was wrong? The fact that you still have my stuff? Or the fact that I still hope that the spark didnt fade?

A ring under an ocean

Strangers to the dial

Where do we stand

Was this all make believe

It’s time to let go of the suitcase of memories. Because you can’t run when your holding them. It’s a new day so here I go. I hope you look back and see that I’m just the one that got away.

Let me take you by surprise

Cause now your bankrupt

dead broke again

A coin that’s face down

-Penny Lane