Reasons Why It Rules To Be An ’80s Baby

For those born in the ’80s, chances are you spent many a childhood day flipping through Bop and Tiger Beat magazines, soaking up knowledge of your precious celeb crushes. Heartthrobs like Jonathan Taylor Thomas (better known as JTT) rocked your world and you couldn’t WAIT to tear through the next issue for a practically life-sized poster of the hunky actor. Ah, to be young again.

If you forgot just how old you are, Kendall Jenner is here to send you a reminder! The 17-year-old model/reality TV starlet took to Twitter to give ’80s babies a big, fat reality check. Kendall and her obviously older friend were browsing antique issues of Tiger Beat when she revealed she didn’t know who JTT was. Blasphemy! Re-tweeting her friend, she commented “only old ppl know who he is.”

Ouch, Kendall!

In solidarity to my fellow ’90s kids, here are some reasons why it RULES to be an ’80s baby!

What’s your favorite reason for being an ’80s baby?