Sunday Polyvore Moodboard 12/16

I have been living in a jungle, not counting the 18 house plants I have. I’m gearing up for the launch of my Crystal Cactus shop this week. I have added so many amazing items to it. Just finished working on a home made batch of Gink Clarity tinctures you add to tea, heart stone heaing chakra sets, rose quartz tibetan sacred geometry kits, home made one of a kind agate slice magents and healing gold base stone rings. I have chosen to get this shop up first before producing my next line of clothing. I feel like both of them will go hand in hand, I can not wait for you to see all the products I have been working on!

It’s less then 10 days until Christmas, I kinda want to lock myself in my house and just bake cookies and watch movies by the fire. That may be somewhat plausable. Dec 21st is coming up so fast, I’m not sure what to expect if anything but either way were all ready in our own way. This month Itlian Vogue and Zink editorials came out… two magazines I have always looked up too and dreamed of being in, such an honor! I will be spending the rest of today at the cinema and posisbly trying out some new recipes.

Current Obsessions: kai oil and candles, aveda everything, ballerina sweaters, glass honey bears as tea cups, tofu summer rolls, salt ylang ylang baths, red matte lips with simmery nude face, cat teepee’s, growing your own food indoors, reconnecting with old friends/ loves, custom dream catchers and black heeled boots.