Sunday 12/2 Polyvore Style Mood Board

I’m feeling nude latte’s with extra foam, pale lips, faux fur everything, chunky buckle boots and classic books. My current favorite drinks are the soy tea Misto at Starbucks. It’s not on the menu but I get a Calm or Green Tea Misto with soymilk. Basically an extra foamy tea latte.. AMAZING.

I took a trip to Ikea last night and loaded up on powder pink and nude tea cups, pink and peach roses, white faux fur throws, vanilla bean tealights, succulent’s in tin jugs and mason jars. I’m going through a redecortaing minimal phase. Currently donating and selling tons of my things. I’m going to do a big Feng Shui blog teaching you guys how to make the energy flow the best in your house this week! All I want to wear and be around are earth and angel ton’s, maybe it has to do with finishing my first Reiki course.

I have a few mini shoots today then vegan Dim Sum with friends and hopefully seeing Twilight tonight. I know, we all have our vices. Everyone keeps bailing on me.. If I have to see it alone I will be the ultimate loser.