Polyvore Sunday Style Moodboard 12/30

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6. great gatsby book

7. homemade lemon water

It’s only 24 hours until New Years Eve and I don’t have any plans, there is something refreshing about that. Im so caught up in all my plans and things im working on over the next year that I can’t be bothered by a silly date! Recently I have been spending all my free time at the cinema. I saw Les Miserable last night and it was beautiful! I love how movies transport you into others lives for a few hours. It’s almost like a modern day time travel. I can not wait to see the Great Gatsby I can already tell it’s going to become a favorite very quick. I have been making home made flavored waters with lemon, mint and vanilla. The best way to stay hydrated and make it a bit more fun. I don’t understand people who keep their hearts closed, I love so many all the time. How can you only love one and if that?


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