Samii Ryan’s Sweater Party Weekend!

Hello my loves!

This weekend was full of candles, crystals, sweaters and of course nothing is better then some good ole’ drama! I started off my weekend kind of relaxing and getting ready for a sweater party that my sisters and I were hosting at my Dad’s house. I then ventured to Hobby Lobby to fuel my candle addiction and buring some magical candles.

The following day was our sweater party.. Me, Meg, Jill, Josh and Kayla (my best friend from Florida) were all decked out in our ugly sweaters. Meghan ended up ditching her own party to hang out with her rude friends.. But that is a different story!!! (long one too) Josh, Jill, Kayla, and I hung out played water beer pong, and listened to the ultimate beer drinking playlist which consisted of 80’s sing along hair metal. IT was a good time.

The party RE started when my cousins showed up and then it was just a good juicy drama filled night. Needless to say.. SOME people kept me up until 4 am.. GRR! Today I drove Kayla back to her house in the Poconos, and I had a relaxing day watching football and eating home made chicken noodle soup!

Check out my gallery from this weekend! UUHM who is stoked for Christmas?