Samii Ryan’s 2012 Accomplishments

Hey Loves!

I decided to make a video of my accomplishments of 2012 because the year is wrapping up! I have done so many amazing things this year and I am really excited to do so many other things NEXT year! In my living room I have a bowl of accomplishments, in which I put my accomplishments in all year. Then right above it I have a GOAL board in which I place all my goals I want to achieve next year or in the near future!

Here are some of my accomplishments of 2012…

* 17 Style Council

* Aeropostale Ambassador

* Interviewing bands at Bamboozle for Buzznet

* Getting my ear cuffs in Nordstrom‘s 42 stores

* Going to LA Blogging Conference

* Meeting with the Style Network ETC ETC..

Watch for more haha! Here are some of my goals I would like to achieve…

* Get on TV or on a TV show

* Travel to Europe

* Be happy

* Take family on vacation

* Get into 3 more magazines

* Host for MTV or VH1

* Get new ear cuffs into Urban Outfitters and Free People.. ETC!!!

I hope you all had a great year, and I wish you the very best for next year! So happy holidays to you all and a very happy new year! Check out my video and gallery!

P.S. HOW could I forget? I went to NY Fashion Week this year!!!