Tour Diary: Halloween, Taco Bell & California

This week was my favorite on tour so far. I can’t describe to you how great it felt to be back in California. that state will forever be home.

We played in LA on Halloween night, and it was probably one of the craziest nights I’ve ever had. It was so good seeing some of my best friends, you know who you are and I love you.

I’ve waited my whole life to be Mickey Mouse for Halloween. It was a dream come true when The Summer Set decided to all be different disney characters on stage for our show. Afterwards, we threw our first official Halloween party, with help from Buzznet, Casa De Awesome, and Gypsy Fade. Oh, and I officially lost my DJ set virginity, so much fun. No party would be complete without the SWAT team shutting down Hollywood Blvd. and not letting us leave our own party til way past last call. It was a crazy night.

Yesterday we visited the Taco Bell headquarters and tested some new unreleased products. That was then followed by a day at Disneyland, and our show in Anaheim, which has become my favorite show of the tour. We also had a special guest appearance by my best friend Alex Deleon. If you would’ve told me 15 years ago that that was ever gonna happen, I’d have called you a liar.

Vegas today, Phoenix show tomorrow, so I get to see my parents. Life is good.