Today’s Insta-Sams!

Hey Lovers!

Today was a really fun and hectic day! I woke up around 10 and started to bust out all By Samii Ryan’s Black Friday orders and Cyber Monday orders. There have been so many orders that went out today! I am so thankful for everyone that has purchased products from me these past couple days. Cyber Monday is still going on, so head over to By Samii Ryan HERE and take advantage of the $10 earrings, hair clips, and $20 tees!

After I did my orders, I headed to the post office. I have to seperate my international orders because the USPS employee’s have to type in the whole customs form and it takes forever! So I do atleast 5 a day! Sorry if your international order takes a week at the latest!!

Then I headed to Michaels and bought some frames to put up my Seventeen Magazine press clippings (hehehe) and Josh and I ate Panera. I am so blessed and happy that I have been able to be in 7 Seventeen Magazine‘s this year! One more magazine and my frames will be even! HEHE!

When I got home I got a package of new makeup products! I am so excited to use them tomorrow!!!

What have you done today?!