Thanksgiving Madness

Hello My Loves!

Yesterday I had a really fabulous Thanksgiving. Usually it is really stressful because my parents are divorced so we are always forced to choose whose house we want to go to and how long.. and all that jazz. But this year we decided that since we really don’t eat a lot of the traditional food we would spend the day with my Dad and on Sunday we will head up to my Moms, she will make chicken papriskush and we will have a girls day. It sounds perfect to me!

However yesterday, we started off the day really early. We headed to Philadelphia for the parade. We stayed for 2 hours and then it got really boring. After the parade we came home wipped up some snacks, and took a nap! After that we headed out to dinner (this was the first year we went to a resturant) and it was amazing! We went to a Greek Resturant on southside Bethlehem it was so good, but I was SO full! After dinner we decided to see a movie. And I got my family into Breaking Dawn Part 2 haha!

After the movie we headed home and relaxed for a couple hours until 12 when we can go experience black friday! I have never been out during black friday so I totally wanted to see what it was all about. IT WAS AWFUL! So many people, I got really scared and stressed out actually haha.

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and I hope your Black Friday is equally as fun.

Whats your favorite part of this holiday?

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