Are Taylor Swift And Conor Kennedy Are Getting Back Together?!

Looks like Taylor Swift is changing her tune when it comes to giving guys a second chance. The pop-country megastar who smashed sales records with the release of her new album, Red, is rumored to be having second thoughts about her recent break up with Conor Kennedy. The 22-year-old singer reportedly parted ways with her 18-year-old beau after distance and a hectic promotional schedule consumed all of Taylor’s time.

Now a source close to the situation has told that Taylor may be looking to rekindle the romance.

“She is still in contact with Conor, mostly through text,” the source said. “They still flirt over emails but mostly texts. So there is definitely still a chance of them getting together in the future. Her schedule is still way too busy which is effecting everything in relationship terms. Time will tell.”

What do you think? Should Taylor and Conor get back together?