Astrology Mood Changing Color Chart

It’s no secret that wearing bright colors or being in a pastel colored room can lift your mood. One of my favorite astrologers Susan Miller has made a color wheel showing which shades will enhance what mood qualties! It’s proven that certain colors you wear can help foster the traits vital to your work success.

“So for example, since we’re writers, Miller told us we need to wear more navy because the sign of Saturn reigns over intelligence and the ability to articulate. Similarly, a doctor who wants to foster his or her work would wear soft jade (for better healing mind, body, and spirit) and a singer would wear pistachio (for improving lyrical abilities).” – Style Bistro

I made a styled clothing chart to go with each color!

WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE? I love the white, soft jade and nude! Some of my favorite colors as well.

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