How To Stay Motivated

I’ve been asked by a few of you to do a post on staying motivated and how to achieve this! To be honest some days it is not easy at all. We all have days we would all rather stay in bed and watch cartoons! I think motivation is a lifestyle change rather then just something you just do! Below are a list of the things I do to stay in mental / physical shape and on top of my goals and ambitions!

Wake up with enough time for myself. This means anywhere from an hour to 30 minutes of extra time before leaving the house. In this time I can take a bath, read some blogs, make a cup of tea, put on a record, eat some granola or make a smoothie… I think this time is one of the most important. It sets the whole mood for the rest of your day!

Make moodboards! Im a huge goal and dream board fan. I update mine every few weeks with all my goals I want to accomplish! The scary thing is almost ALL of them came true… the things that didn’t changed and I realized they were no longer on the path of where I wanted to be! This is a game changer… make sure to do it! Hang it where you can see it everyday.

Eat right, the saying “you are what you eat is really true,” when I get lazy or eat crap food I pay for it! It clouds your mind and makes you physically lazy. Eat as much local, organic, raw healthy foods as you can. Smoothies, nuts, fruit, chips with hummus, toast with raw honey, avacados with lemon and olive oil, veggie wraps, kind bars, chickpea salads.. these are all great snacks to keep your mind body and soul in check!

Nature your higher self, you MUST MUST DO THIS! How you do it is up to you… doing medtiation body scans ( you can youtube or download these ), yoga or meditation in gerneral. Some type of just “being” not thinking not doing. This allows you to cleans out your mind and stay focused on all aspects of your life. I think this is just as important to how we eat!

Pampering whether it’s a bubble bath with oils epsom salt and tea, candles and relaxing music or a full blown spa day is up to you! Taking time out to treat ourselfs allows us to be grounded and not burn out. When your too overwhelmed in every day life the things you want to do get taken over by stress! Instead of going out with friends pick one or two nights a week to veg out at home and do something nice for yourself!

– Positivity you are your company! If there are others in your life that are always complaining, talking bad about people just basically spewing negitive energy GET RID OF THEM. You will soak it up like a sponge and whether you notice this or not IT WILL DRAIN YOU in every aspect of yourself! I call these people energy vampires, KICK THEM OUT NOW NOW NOW!

– Have fun last but not least. Don’t take life so serious. This 3d world is just an illusion of our own minds. We create our own reality! Next time your about to get upset or sad.. think… do I really want to feel like this? Make time to do things you enjoy! Whether it’s cooking, shopping, meeting up with friends, doing crafts, painting WHATEVER it is you do make time for it!