Film Inspiration: Love

Throughout the years my sisters and I have seen our far share of our parents emotions towards each other. Growing up with divorced parents can be hard on most kids. I think when we were young we really didn’t graspt the situation at hand. I remember flashbacks in my head of being at the courthouse and picking which parent to live with.

No child should ever choose which parent they want to live with. It is like a parent picking their favorite child! It just isn’t right. I am happy that my sisters and I have grown up to have a strong relationship with our Dad & Mom. I mean yes we always fight and bicker, but I am always happy to have them in my life.

Throughout our childhood we really didn’t see our Dad much, it was mostly some monthly visits or he would come to our sporting events. We lived with our Mom and had some serious rough patches. After High School I decided to move to Bethlehem to live with my Dad. At first it was a little awkward but now I feel like we are closer then ever.

Even though our parents aren’t together, and holidays absolutley suck for us, we still find the good in things. Love is such an inspirational item. Love has keep my sisters and I together, love has brought us through the rough times.

Jill & Meg found these old film photos of my Mom & Dad when they were happy and in love. They traveled across the world had some amazing outfits and I loved their hair styles!! The smiles on their faces, the body language is so inspirational to me. I know I have love like they have and I hope it lasts.

Check out this gallery of photos which is full of love, laughter, fashion and memories.


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