Bad Hair Day

Man, I have the WORST luck with hair salons. When I was in high school I dyed my hair brown with black underneath.. Then I went to a salon and they bleached my hair 3 times in a row until my hair felt like cotton candy, then they had to bring in a colorist from NYC to fix it. She ended up putting a light brown demi color on it and a REALLY short hair cut.

A couple weeks ago I went to a salon in Bethlehem [ I won’t name names ] to get my hair high lited. Needless to say you all know I came out with silver/lavender hair because the stylist left the toner on to long. Now my hair is at a beautiful color and I love it.

Yesterday I went to a salon to get my hair “TRIMMED” the experienced stylist that was originally taking me said that she was running late. Then I am pretty sure she gave me to the receptionist to cut my hair, because he butchered me. Go figure man. Look how terrible!! I emailed the salon, let’s see what they have to say about this one! I think I will just let my hair grow out from this one. I need to just go to my friend in NYC that know’s how to do hair.



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