Samii Ryan’s Halloween This Or That?!


Buzznet asked me to answer a few Halloween inspired questions! Also check out my photo gallery of Halloweeen fun and some costumes I am considering this year! I want to be a sushi roll or loofah haha!

Fruit Candy OR Chocolate?

* CHOCOLATE for life.

Homeade costume OR store bought?

* Homeade all the way! This year I am hand making my costume, let’s see how it turns out!!

Throw a Halloween party OR attend one?

* Throw one baby! I am having on Saturday, can’t wait!

Scary movies in the theatre OR at home?

* I hate scary movies, so none! haha

Haunted house OR hayride?

* EEP. NEITHER I am a big baby when it comes to scary things because I believe in life after death & evil spirits.

Which costume should I choose?


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