Seventeen Magazine Luncheon!

Hey Loves!

The past two days has been unreal and so much fun. For the 24th Josh and I headed into the city for his birthday! I had a hotel room booked at The Hudson and we went out for the night. We ended up at VaPianos on 15th and University, it is a pizza, pasta, salad place!

If you ever watched “Impractical Jokers” you would know the main character “Joe” he was actually at the same resturant! Josh & I are obsessed with that show so we were stoked we saw him. Josh then tweeted at him and by the end of the night Joe came upstairs bought us and our friends a round and hung out with us for an hour or so! He was so cool, and I was really happy that it made Josh’s day haha.

Today I went to my Seventeen Magazine Luncheon. It was so much fun, and the food was delish!! Basically I was there to speak about social media, networking, and branding. It was a luncheon to get advertisors into Seventeen. I met so many amazing people and saw my whole Seventeen family which I love so much!

Josh & I headed home around 3 today but it was such a GREAT couple days, I can’t wait to live in the city.

Postive vibes, things are looking up.


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