Hot Topic + Lola’s Halloween Editorial!

Last week I teamed up with Hot Topic for this Halloween-appropriate editorial: me as some of my favorite horror movie villains! Rather less scary, more stylized versions of them, of course. I opted for looks that were inspired by Carrie, Pinhead, and Freddy Krueger. Check out the photos below, and shop the looks for your Halloween costume at!

Photography: Tolga Katas
Art direction: Christine Marie Katas
Makeup: Spencer Lopez; Shiran Yamen
Hair: Dottie Vee; Shiran Yamen
Set design: Ron Orr
Styling: Yours truly

CARRIE (Carrie)
Bloody tiara available from

PINHEAD (Hellraiser)
Black fishnet bustier & black lame gloves available from

FREDDY KRUEGER (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
Striped sweater, pointed chrome press-on nails, and black Bettie Page shoes available from

Thanks so much to Hot Topic for making this happen!

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