Samii Ryan Shares Her Scariest Halloween Memory

Hey Guys!

I was asked to do a cute Halloween Q&A check out my answers!

If you could throw the coolest Halloween party with no limits, what would you do?!

* I would, of course, create a gnarly dress up party. I wouldn’t make a haunted house though because I am scared of everything. I would have bobbing for apples, pumpkin carving, fun drinks, and yummy treats.

What is the scariest memory you have from Halloween? (a costume, a haunted house etc)

* I will always remember when my friends and I went trick or treating in her neighborhood. It was me, my best friend and two boys, I believe. My friend and I were being idiots and were chasing each other around the car. We didn’t know that the car antena was broken and she slashed her wrist across the antena it was so scary she was bleeding and literally I could see her guts in her wrist. We ended up spending the rest of halloween at the hospital getting her stitched up.

Do you have a favorite candy to give out to Trick Or Treaters?

* When I was little I knew which houses had the good candy and which houses handed out pencils. I always liked to give out the fun size chocolate bars. Chocolate is the best to get on halloween!!

If you had the opportunity to play the role of any scary character in a movie, who would you want to be?

* I would be really scared to be cast for a scary movie because I am pretty supersticious and I would think that my horror story would actually come true in real life! I never want to die in a horror movie haha. If I had to pick I think I would be Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Hocus Pocus.

Do you have a favorite Halloween tradition? (pumpkin carving, parties etc)

* Usually for halloween Josh and I end up going to a corn maze or pumpkin picking. I am not into haunted houses or anything like that, so the PG for halloween is good enough for me!

Check out my gallery of halloween inspired photos!


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