Would You Rock: This Alexander Wang Outfit?

Soooo high-fashion is a whole thing. The point is for it to be envelope-pushing and forward-thinking and creative, but there are some designers in the ranks that are known for creating very edgy but very wearable collections. Alexander Wang is definitely one of these designers…usually. The fashion darling showed his Spring 2013 collection on Sept 8 in New York and some of the looks were eye-catching to say the least. For example, this ensemble made up of knee-high banded cut-out leather boots, banded cut-out leather shorts, a white top with leather details and you guessed it…cut-outs (although I think those are actually clear panels). The whole thing is topped off with a patent leather baseball cap thing making it one of the most interesting outfits I’ve seen in quite some time.

So…would you rock it?