Hannabeth On National Single’s Week

Hey everyone!

Buzznet recently asked me a few fun questions for National Single’s Week! You can see the Q&A below, and comment with your own answers too!

In honor of National Singles Week tell us what your ideal “treat yourself” solo date is!

My ideal solo date would be having a night in! I am constantly doing something so when I have a minute to myself I really cherish it. I love to take my alone time to watch a movie, cook, have a bubble bath, listen to my favorite music and SLEEP.. ha

What’s the worst date you have ever been on?

Hmm.. I can’t think of any really bad dates i have been on recently.. I am sure there were a ton back in my high school days but I can’t seem to remember anything specific.

What is your biggest pet peeve that someone could do to you on a date?

My biggest pet peeve is hygiene. If that guy has poor hygiene I am over it. I also like a guy who keeps it organized. If he picks me up and his car is trashed I won’t be impressed. Another pet peeve is when a guy is too confident. I don’t need a guy who thinks he can get any girl and then acts like a douche bag… NEXT

Favorite present you bought yourself?

I always get myself the best presents! ha ha. My most recent favorite present I got myself would be the new Alexander Mcqueen sweater dress. I am in LOVE with it, and can’t wait to rock it this fall.

If you had the chance to go on a trip anywhere in the world by yourself, where would you go and what would you do?

I would want to go back to London, it’s one of my favorite cities. I went there alone when I was in high school and I had the best time. I love everything from the people, to the fashion.