Ann Yee Presentation

The Ann Yee presentation was beautiful! The hair so effortlessly resembled the thin like twig branches blowing in the wind in the middle of the studio. Beetlejuice goes classic and clean with a hint of your modern day women was my first thoughts. I loved everything about this collection and my favorite was the button down shirt/ pant suit ensemble with the green tye dye style wash. I got to have a word with Ann Yee as well who is so fantastic and down to earth! There were live artists scattered around the studio drawing portraits of the presentation freehand and they were breath taking. The whole exhibit was executed perfectly and one of my favorites so far.

What I wore:

Shoes: Gypsy Warrior

Sweater: Japan

Necklace: Versace collab

Skirt: Asos

Pants: Topshop

Backpack: Asos