HEARTBLOG: A Conversation With My Best Friend

I’m lucky to have the best friends on the planet, and I thought this conversation could be inspiring to all of you. xx 

Friend: “I watch you move mountains on a regular basis. I understand, because we are similar, so I know you’re so humble/driven that you will take this with a grain of salt, but you have done so much, so well. Just because these oppurtunites you wanted to come about now aren’t playing out the way you had hoped, that doesn’t mean that something bigger or better or all together different isn’t right aorund the corner! You know that quote that says we can’t start living the life were meant to live until we give up on the life we thought we should have! “

me: “It’s weird to live without working so hard, because up until this point, I’ve only worked. So when I take time to “enjoy” life, watch sunsets, see a movie, I feel lazy” 

Friend: “It’s weird taking that step back. I’ve convinced myself that I don’t deserve to be happy because I haven’t done enough and in turn, everything is going to burst into flames at any given moment…

In reality, that is all crazy that I’ve put on myself. The same way you are putting all the pressue on yourself. YOU are ENOUGH, you’ve done enough and you deserve to relax a little and enjoy what you have in your life. ” 

So true. It’s hard to really live, we are so focused on what is next, and what we have to do, we stop, or in my case feel guilty when I just live. It’s a catch twenty-two, to want it all and want nothing then to hide in a tiny little ball with the person you love and hide from the world. 

What do you guys think? 

ps. I like this song