Girl, What’s In Your Makeup Bag?

Girl, what’s in your makeup bag?

I’m so excited to start this new column in my blog. Basically what I’m gonna do is visit all kinds of different rad girls and peek into their makeup bags, closets, etc.

It’s totally just an excuse for being curious what kinds of stuff other chicks use/have but it will also serve as a little products review corner where I’m trying out some stuff that I’ve been wanting to get.

If you have any ideas how to make this more exciting, sound off in the comments. I’m totally open to giving you exactly what you want and more.

So, my first victim was one of my best Estonian girlfriends. She’s super feminine and has a lot of stuff that I really want. I mostly found natural looking things in her make up bag so it’s a complete opposite of what my own make up bag looks like but that makes it even more exciting.

My favorite finds were:

Urban Decay Naked Palette:

These colors are just sooo sexy. I always do my eyes super black and smoky and someone just did a brown smoky eye on me which looked so much sultrier actually. So I’ve been looking for a good natural eye palette and I think I’m gonna get this one. I super love Urban decay anyway. Their eye shadows are the best.

Guerlain divinora liquid eyeliner:

Feeling nostalgic cause this very eyeliner was my first liquid eyeliner. My mom who doesn’t use any make up at all got it as a gift so I stole it. Gotta say that the first attempts looked pretty sad but I still like this eyeliner a lot. Nothing compares to my loran liquid eyeliner pen though.

Make up Forever nude lipstick:

This shade Rouge artist intense is super nude and almost a little bit too light but looks really good with some gloss on top. I’m yet to find a nude lipstick that blows my mind. They’re always too light or too dark.

Any recommendations?

L’oreal voluminous mascara:

I love L’oreal mascaras. It’s definitely my favorite drugstore mascara brand.

Make up Forever HD powder:

This is hands down my favorite powder I’ve ever used. So light you can’t really feel it/see it on but does everything a powder is supposed to do and more.

Laura Mercier mineral illuminating powder:

I like a little shimmer on the cheekbones and wherever else it’s supposed to go and this Laura Mercier candlelight shade is really cute, especially on a tanned skin.

Kanebo Sensai fluid finish:

We don’t have Kanebo in the States but it’s a Japanese brand that is known for its amazing quality and this foundation is so the shit. Looks so natural on while still offering great coverage. My friend gave it to me cause it’s too light for her and I was over the moon about it!!! Gotta stack up next time I go to Europe.

That’s it for this time…next week, next makeup bag<3