Empire Girls: Are They Making A Statement Or A Mess?

So as I flip through networks my remote natuarally stops on STYLE. I recently peeped their new show called ‘Empire Girls Julissa and Adrienne‘ about Adrienne Bailon (ex Cheetah Girl and ex Kardashian) and her best friend Julissa (TV host and radio personality) The girls run around New York City trying to make their dreams come true running into the typical drama. It’s a pretty standard relaity show- however the thing I noticed was the wild fashion moments. I’m not sure if this is their personal style on display or if they have a wardrobe stylist dressing them for the show? I feel like everything from hair- makeup- shoes- outfits– accessories to their nails are one big WOW. I could not get over how much is going on with their look.

Here is a gallery of some of Julissa and Adriennes fashion moments.

Do you love it, hate it? Are you a fan of the show?