DIY: Distressed Jeans And Enter To WIN Cool Prizes From Hot Topic!

Distressed jeans never go out of style, but there’s no reason you should have to pay a ton of money for store bought shredded denim you can do at home that is totally easy, fast and fashionable!


A pair of jeans

Course sandpaper


1. Put on a pair of jeans you want to distress and sit down in chair.

2. Taker your sand paper and begin rubbing back and forth across the grain of the denim while applying pressure.

3. Once the denim has begun to fray and sand away, you can take off your jeans and carefully keep sanding with your hand inside the pant leg to support the distressed spot until you are satisfied with your shredding.

4. Once you are done sanding, throw your jeans in the wash! The process will enhance your homemade distressed spots and make them look totally broken in, not overly trendy.

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