BUZZNET Exclusive: Buzznet’s Day At Camp Spin-Off (VIDEO)

What’s better than going to sleepaway camp for a whole week? Going to sleepaway DJ camp! Yes, it exists, thanks to founder DJ Tina T andit’s called Camp Spin-Off. At Camp Spin-Off (located on campgrounds in the beautiful Ojai, CA), campers ages 12-17 spend a week attending various DJ classes, learning the essentials – including scratching, beatmaking, and DJ software – as well as partaking in the usual camp activities like campfire S’mores. Also, Camp Spin-Off is the ONLY sleepaway DJ camp in the world!

Buzznet spent the day at camp on July 30th alongside Tina, counselors DJ Dazzler, DJ Lezlee, DJ Crykit, DJ Evil One, DJ Asis, Paul Printz, Sir Marcus, and, of course, the campers!

Meet the counselors:

DJ Dazzler

[brightcove id=1782517537001 type=videoPlayer autoplay=0] DJ Serafin

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We arrived at Camp Spin-Off just in time for lunch. After lunch, we were given a tour of the rest of classes for the day: scratch class with Rob Shot and DJ Montez, where campers learned how to scratch on actual turntables; beatmaking class with DJ Serafin; and Traktor class, where the kids learned the ways of the digital DJ software, Traktor. After classes were done for the day, campers had free time until dinner and were able to do whatever they wanted: activities ranged from practicing in their classrooms to basketball to rock climbing and ziplining to playing foosball. It was also a great time for counselors and campers alike to socialize – and we took this opportunity to get to know a few of them!Meet the campers:

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After dinner, the kids were given a social media activity. Following the activity, everyone congregated to hear guest speakers speak and engage in a Q&A following their talk. That night’s guests: NYC-based DJ Riz, Executive Director of Scratch DJ Academy DJ Hapa, and video DJs DJ Costik and Steve1der of the Screen Werks video DJ collective, who put on an incredible video DJ set! Post-presentation was campfire time, but alas Buzznet had to take the S’mores to go.

Take a look at our gallery of photos from our day at Camp Spin-Off!

A big thank you to Tina T, the campers, the counselors and the amazing staff at Camp Spin-Off who were very welcoming to Buzznet! For more information on how you can attend Camp Spin-Off, visit the official Camp Spin-Off website.