Audition For Social Movie “The Beauty Inside”

So remember that time I went to the EXACT spot where Summer + Tom went in 500 Days Of Summer just so I could sit where one of my favorite indie movies of all time was shot….or the time when I lived in NYC that I would walk to the tiny movie theatre in the LES to go see ONCE everynight by myself because I loved it so much, when it was just a little indie baby movie? Remember my blog about the indie called “Skateland” that had my heart all last summer….basically, I love indie flicks. I love the grainy film, I love the soundtracks….and now I am auditioning to be in ONE! (but you can too….) I found this cool little movie “The Beauty Inside” on Facebook and I had to share with you because I know I have tons of aspiring performers following along on my blog!

Basically, the story is about this character named Alex who wakes up everyday in a new body. We are auditioning to play on of the “Alex’s” and all you have to do is create a video journal with your own “Alex” story and then send it in (all the directions are on the facebook) I used one of my own stories from a trip to Thailand but signed off using the signature “Alex” sign off….pretty cool!

Check out my video and I think you should all go an audition…. yay!

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Audition Now by going to The Beauty Inside Facebook!

Watch the tralier for the short film HERE!

Be sure to tune into their Facebook on Thursday August 16th at 3PM PST!