Ashlee Holmes Concert Memories

Buzznet sent me over some questions about some memorable concert experiences. See what I had to say below and check out this gallery of a few pictures I found last minute.

BN: What was the first concert you ever went to and how old were you?

AH: The first concert I ever went to was to see the ‘Spice Girls‘ perform at UNLV. I believe I was in 3rd grade. It was AMAZING. I remember leaving the show extrememly happy and not being able to hear.

BN: Have you ever had any crazy memorable experiences from a concert?

AH: The first time I ever went to go see ‘Brand New‘ was very memorable. I wore flip flops. I had never been to a concert with a mosh pit prior to seeing this show. For those of you who have been to shows with mosh pits, it’s best if you don’t wear shoes like that. I was practically right up against the stage, right in the middle of the mosh pit. Long story short, I left the concert with broken flip flops and a fractured foot. The bruise was almost unreal looking. Lesson learned for sure. Definitely not my only crazy memorable experience from a show, but it was one of the first….. and most painful lol.

BN: If you could go back in time to any artist’s show or a festival what would you pick?

AH: Hmm, that’s tough! I honestly might have to get 90s on you for a second and say that I would probably have to go back to when I saw ‘N*SYNC‘. Yeah, I said it. Judge me.

BN: Describe your typical concert/festival outfit of choice

AH: My favorite festival outfit would probably be a crop top and a maxi skirt, or just a maxi dress. -OR- A cut up vintage band tee and cut of shorts. Hats are usually a must…Fedoras. For a concert, it really depends on the artist, but I’ll usually do skinny jeans with some awesome shoes ( Litas ) and a cut up shirt.