Gradient Kawaii Nails Tutorial

Gradient Kawaii Nails Tutorial


What you need: 

- One lighter and one darker nail polish 

- Top coat nail polish

- make up sponge



- More than 2 colors

- Glitter top coat



I love this gradient manicure idea and it’s super easy to do yourself or with your girlfriends. You need a few nail polishes and a make up sponge to do these kind of nails. Let me guide you through it:


Step 1: Apply your first color on the whole nail the way you regularly apply nail polish. It’s best to pick the lightest tone you have for this. Let dry completely.


Step 2: Apply the 2nd color by drawing the line where you want it to be. Let dry.


Step 3: Apply another coat of the 2nd color following where u applied it the first time.


Step 4: Grab a sponge and pat around the line between 2 colors. If you wanna add more polish, you can also add it on the sponge. You’ll feel it out. 


Let dry.


Now you can add the top coat or another color. I added another color but also did a layer of top coat before that to make my first two colors blend better. I also added some shimmery nail polish on top of everything to make it even more edible. <3


Good luck!






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