Lately I have been feeling quite spiritual and I haven been inspired by several cultures. I love learning about new spiritual traditions, weither it be taken from the Native American culture, Indian, European.. etc. America is a melting pot of cultures and I for one am so interested in learning about others.

I feel as if I am a spiritual person by listening to my body and my emotions. I used to wear stones for the longest time and I really need to start to wear my rose quartz more because I feel that I need more love and kindness in my life. Being so busy and don’t get me wrong I am thankful so so so much for everything, sometimes you can just loose yourself.

Stones are one thing that I love and really help me spiritually cleanse and heal. Today I got in these Bindi’s from Ebay. I have been dying to get my hands on these magical gems. You pace the gem in the middle of both your eyes, like the third eye. It is placed on your sixth chakra which is the chakra of compassion and forgiveness, I also feel like I need to work/cleanse that chakra. Even if I want to wear a gem to bring out those emotions, I will.

Inspiration is everywhere to me, and even though I dabble into certian aspects of cultures, I always need to remember not to loose myself.



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