London Calling: British Inspiration!

Hey Buzznet, guess who’s going to London next week?? (I mean besides the ENTIRE WORLD.) Yes very good, yours truly!

When we booked the trip the other week I’d completely forgotten about the whole Olympics thing, but as it turns out I will be in London, in the studio and out, at the very same time the games are happening. And since I’ve already been doing my research on what I want to do – and wear – while I’m there, I figured I’d make a gallery of some of the many delights that have come out of Her Majesty’s homeland.

I haven’t been to Europe since I was maybe 12, and I am SO excited to go back as a (sort of) grown ass woman. The last time I was there I was just reading the first Harry Potter book and not ready to let go of the Spice Girls. My taste has only changed ever so slightly since then; I’m still not able to get enough of pop music and platform shoes – and Union Jack flags. Lately, whether it’s in an outfit, on a piece of furniture, on a set of nails, or in a dessert, every time I see that distinctive red and blue of a British flag I get all giddy inside.

So without further ado, I present to you some of my very favorite British editorials, designers, musicians, and general English-y stuff!

(PS: I’ll also be stopping by Paris while I’m gone. More on that later. Le giggle.) you ever been to London??