Happy Buzzversary To Me!

Yesterday I celebrated my Buzzversary marking my first full year on Buzznet. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share the story of how I start blogging with this wonderful online community.

“How I Discovered Buzznet” (originally posted in a Storyteller’s Assignment last year)

“I first used to lurk on Buzznet around 2008 purely because there were groups about bands I liked so I came on here for some humourous gossip. However it took me until 2009 to pluck up the virtual courage to sign up under the name callmeamy … but I never said anything (I probably forgot my password or something). In 2010 I fancied a name change and returned as happymess. I described myself as an “Unprofressional Music Lover” and listed my favourite artists as including “Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance etc” (not much has changed, eh?)….but I still never said anything apart from “WTF is BUZZNET!?”. My impatient self did not wait for an answer.

I didn’t attempt to write here until a year later when Summer Of Buzz launched. When I saw the competition to become a featured blogger, I finally promised myself to join Buzznet again and post things. My first post received a little diamond and a lightning bolt with a ‘2’ by it which gave me the confidence to carry on blogging. There were dry spells when I wondered whether anybody cared about what I said but I endured the entire summer contest and hey, I won! Now I’m a buzzmaker and feel like I really belong here already so thank you guys. I don’t know why I was so scared to join in because you’re all lovely. Oh, and sorry but you’ll have to stick with me for a little longer as I plan to stay here as long as you’ll let me this time.”

Since then, I’ve carried on blogging. Things have changed (miss you, Bree) but Buzznet still gives me the same buzz – excuse the pun – with every comment and follow. So thank you for choosing my blog to read your music gossip, news and opinions.

The only other thing I want to say is that if you, like me, have spent more time lurking on Buzznet than writing – be brave, have a go and start your own blog. I’m up for a bit of healthy competition.

Happy Belated Buzzversary To Me! Here’s to another year.