Band to Know: Pluto Revolts

Ohio native Benjamin James is no stranger to the music scene. Before he was even out of high school, his band had gained a coveted spot on Warped tour, signed a major record deal and was touring the world. When creative differences sent his bands in separate directions, Benjamin created Pluto Revolts, a solo project which allowed him to delve into the raw pop rock music he felt a calling to make.

Two EPs later, Pluto Revolts has evolved from a small eclectic side project to a creatively inspired musical adventure with a vision to share what he deems “unconventional pop” music. His single “Closure” has been remixed by fellow artists across the globe and Benjamin has big plans for the future. After perfecting his group’s lineup, Benjamin and company mastered the Ohio scene, playing headlining shows across the state.

Earlier this year Pluto Revolts released new single “Lightning,” a more rock sounding song with a catchy chorus, which can be heard HERE. The entire track was written, performed and produced by Benjamin.

Check out the video for “Closure” below!

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