Get 20% Off Arrojo NYC Salon

Hey Loves!

So last weekend I headed to NYC for my second Seventeen Magazine photoshoot with Aeropostale. Along the way I stopped by Arrojo Salon in NYC, thanks to Socialyte for hooking up the appointment.

As I walked into this gorgeous salon I couldn’t help but notice the amazing bright decor and the product display was awesome. I even walked to the back to use the restroom and there was a cafe/coffee shop in the back! How cool is that?

I sat down in my styling chair and I had the CUTEST colorist ever. Her name was Olivia Halpin . Everyone there had an amazing sense of style, very retro & cute. She was wearing this neon pink necklace that I couldn’t get over! Anyway, back to my hair haha. I had gotten these clip in extensions the night before and I needed them to match my hair for the photoshoot. So I told Oliva that I just want these to match my hair. She didn’t pull out a color wheel or anything. She came back with 2 bowls of color, one for lowlites and the other for highlites.

After talking to her for a little she finished my top head of highlites/lowlites. She did them pretty quickly considering how small she was making each foil. Which I was totally ok with! So as I was letting the dye set in I took a stroll around the salon. It is a 15,000 sq ft salon. It has amazing decor, the stylist’s and other workers had amazing style, the music was relaxing but up to date, and you got a killer view of the city!

I am usually really nervous about going into salons, just because I had a crazy salon experience when I was younger. After Olivia washed out the color, she put a gloss on. After we headed back to my chair I looked into the mirror and I was totally stoked on the color. She finished blow drying my head and literally it was one of the best dye jobs I have ever gotten. They ended up matching my extensions PERFECTLY. The hair guy at the Seventeen shoot was also impressed by Olivia’s color technique.

So just for YOU guys, Arrojo salon will give you 20% off color with Olivia any day, any time of the week as long as you mention my blog (Samii Ryan). AND if you go in with a friend to get your hair done for COLOR on the week days you will get 50% off.. Yeah that’s right 50% off!!!

The location of Arrojo is

180 Varick Street- Between King Street and Charlton Street

You DEFF don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to get a discount in NYC on a hair appointment!!

I hope you check it out & if you do let me know how your experience was with Olivia!!



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