What A World.

Hey Loves!

So I got back from the shore two days ago, and have been doing nothing but work. Unpacking is at the bottom of my list. I have so many orders to do, lot’s of emails to catch up on and some Seventeen assignments to complete before my next photoshoot with them.

So yesterday was already a busy one from the get go. I woke up and went to the dentist at 11, came back home had a conference call/meeting. Designed 4 new pieces for celebrity collabs and something else that could potentially be huge! Then I was taking photos of the products and I was about to start orders.

Then Josh got in touch with Demi for me & we ended up heading down to Jersey to check out her show. I finally got to meet her, after sending her stuff for almost a year. She was the sweetest thing, and I am sure I will be seeing her again soon. I also finally crossed pathes with Sirah, whom Josh and I have been talking to for a while. It was so random. Demi got us the tickets and the meet and greet passes so I could give her new pieces and then POOF Sirah walks up. I think I scared her because I was like “SIRAH!” and I ran up to her and gave her a hug. Haha. That lady is going to be doing some big things, so you better watch out for her!

The coolest/weirdest thing was about 20 people came up to me and asked me to take a photo and they all followed me! I was pretty humbled by it all, and really excited that I have such amazing supporters out there.

So what started out as a normal busy day, turned into an awesome day.

I can’t wait to see Demi wearing the pieces, she loved everything!

We ended the night at The Clinton Diner and it was purely the cherry on top of the day.

What a world.



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