Hey Loves!

I feel like I haven’t been updating lately. Recently everything has been so chaotic and hectic and stressful! Being away for 3 weeks, with Bonnaroo, Bamajam & a lil family vaca TOTALLY screwed up my grooove. I am in desprite need of a video, which I haven’t done in FOREVER. I have so many things going on right now.

I finally mailed out orders I was behind on, I am creating new one of a kind shorts for Deserted, I am working on 2 celebrity collaborations, & Wed-Fri I have a photoshoot in NYC with Seventeen Mag!! I am so excited & greatful for everything that has been happening lately.

I am so inspired & motivated to keep going and make everything I can the best of the best. OH did I mention that I am releasing new products on June 30th? Just another thing on my list!

Tomorrow I have so much to do, first I NEED to get my nails done. I was planning on going today but I didn’t have enough time. Then I need to venture up to Stroudsburg to get some new 22 inch wweave since the ones I bought in Alabama turned out to be highly nice synthetic hair. Which sucks because I can’t style them.

Ahh so much to do, but enjoying every moment of it!!

P.S. I am trying out this lipgloss fro Ulta that is supposed to make your lips plumper. Let’s see how this all works out haha & I started to read Fifty Shades of Grey.



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