Samii Ryan: Warped Tour Memories

Hey Loves! So Warped Tour is coming up and guess what, By Samii Ryan is vending on 5 dates! I am so excited to see you all and you better get your hands on some feathers. Check out the dates we will be vending.

July 18- Scranton, PA

July 19- Mansfield, CT

July 20- Camden, NJ

July 21- Uniondale, NY

July 22- Comcast Theatre

Since I have been going to Warped Tour since I was about 16 I figured I would share some Warped Tour memories with you!!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Warped Tour?”

* Music, Vans, and all my amazing friends wearing my feathers on stage!

What is your most memorable moment from going to a show?

* I think my most memorable moment at Warped Tour was when I was 16 and I first started dating Josh. There was this girl who was hitting on him during the Scary Kids, Scaring Kids show, and I threw a water bottle at her from across the pit. Hahah.

Suggestions on how to survive a day at The Warped Tour?

* Bring water, sunscreen, comfy shoes, sunglasses, a set list, and a sharpie. Don’t wear heels, only if you are walking like for 2 seconds haha. Stay comfy & cool!!

A favorite band you’ve seen while at a show?

* One of the best set’s I have seen on Warped Tour would have to be Katy Perry & Gallows.

Craziest thing you’ve seen while at the Warped Tour?

* Well, I was vending in Boston and literally it rained SO hard it was like a monsoon! Everything got soaked! It was a wild day!

Any band’s your excited to see this year?

* Taking Back Sunday– of course!

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