June Twenty Sixth

Hey Guys,

I have just been OD crazy busy. Designing like a mad women for a couple new celebrity collaborations. I have been trying to update By Samii Ryan to get ready for the NEW products release. I have so many new items that I am so excited about. Stay tuned for a ton of new spiked necklaces, earrings, and some magical head chains. Also I am pitching some of the new items to some new stores. Cross your fingers!

Today was an errand day through and through. I woke up at 10 got ready, took my OOTD photos and headed to the nail salon to get my nails shaped and filled before I need to leave for NYC tomorrow. After that I stopped by a new frozen yogurt place and got my lunch. It had mostly fruit and mango burst’s in it, but it was still scrumtious!

After that I ventured to Stroudsburg to get some new extensions for the Seventeen shoot because I don’t know how much they will like my blue clip ins! I will give them options haha. Then I headed to Sallys Beauty supply to pick up a couple of products. Then I got some Panera for Josh & I headed home and had like an hour of relax time with Gabby.

All we did was talk for about an hour about everything & vent! It is finally good to have an honest girlfriend you can talk to. (Besides my sisters haha) Dave & I then ventured to Barnes and Noble to see if they have the NEW issue of Seventeen Magazine. I am in the Ultimate Denim Guide Advertorial! I can’t wait to see it in print.

So much to do, not enough time in one day. I need to through together a couple new designs for the collaborations. Send out a couple emails & do a ton more things.. OH & pack for NYC for the next 3 days!

LE Sigh. I am not complaining. Truely I am greatful for all the experiences and opportunities I have been given within the past couple weeks. Just crazy stressed & busy with everything pilling on top of me!!

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