Bonnaroo Diaries

Helllllo Everyone!!

Bonnaroo has been so hectic, crazy and nuts. I got down to Tennessee Tuesday and literally have had no internet & phone for the past couple days. I feel like I was in a time zone, it is weird haha. So we set up and hung out for a day, then the real festivities began on Thursday. There wasn’t that great of a line up however there were 100,000 people trying to use their phones & internet at the same time, so service sucked to say the least.

Friday was an OK lineup a lot of people showed up and bought some amazing By Samii Ryan products. The head chains and the braided head bands are a hit this year! So many people love them, especially at such an amazing price.

Today is Saturday, and we are doing really well so far, lots of head chains and earrings have been sold. And the line up today is awesome, Alice Cooper, The Temper Trap, Dawes, Devil Wears Three, and Skrillex plays later tonight. Needless to say I will not be sleeping again! To put Bonnaroo in a nut shell I would say it is waking up in your tent super early because of the sun. I open my tent and then everyone piles in around 10-11. The music continues to go until 3:30 in the morning, and it is DUB STEP like super loud base. I close my tent at 1:30 everynight and I TRY to sleep. Last night I slept for 4 hours. Go figure. It is so much fun though.

So to update you all, I think By Samii Ryan is going to be doing the BamaJam 2012 festival in Enterprise Alabama. It is like a country festival, it is a totally different market for By Samii Ryan, but hey it is next week and we might as well give it a try. After that Josh & I have a 17 hour drive home to Pa and I am heading to NJ for a couple of days to RELAX at the shore, god knows I need some relaxtion after this madness.

I am so thankful and excited about meeting some amazing people. And meeting all of you!!

Hopefully I will see you at Bonnaroo or BamaJam!! Then after the shore all your orders will be going out! I will deff throw in some extras for all of you who ordered while I am away.

Love you all!



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