Bamajam 2012

Hey Guys!

Recently I have been crazy busy doing these festivals and truly living a gypsy life. I have been to Nashville, Birmingham, and now Enterprise.So many place’s and all for one reason, my business. Having a business is so hard and it is so much work. To think we have done so much work in these two weeks, I need this Bamajam festival deal to work out. I need to atleast break even!

Yesterday it stormed SO friggen hard that we had to close up and take down our entire tent. Literally tents were blowing away, and I thought it was going to be a tornando. I was literally terrified. So now is the second day and this country redneck festival/fair thing, and I am hoping that we make money. I am also hoping that the darn southern weather chills out for a bit so we can make some money! P.S. I got red ant bites on my feeeet & a gross Toms tan. Just adding to my list of shit that sucks.

For this down south country hoedown thing I am putting boots on feathers and hats.. haha etc. I am trying to blend in with my surroundings I guess. My back is SUPER burnt & I am just drained. As soon as I get back to PA (mind you after the 17 hour drive) I am heading to the Jersey shore to hang out and RELAX with my family. I am very excited about that!

Then I have a photoshoot with Seventeen Magazine again, I can’t WAIT for that!!

Well back to selling to ye old country folks!

I will try to update soon!



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