SGC NYC Interview

Photos Diane Gaughan

1. I decided to be a Designer, Fashion Journalist because growing up I was always playing dress up and creating clothes as far back as I could remember. Fashion has always been a huge part of my life. It just naturally happened I didn’t even plan for it. I never went to college or design school, I actually went to an Aveda Beauty & Wellness institute. I thought I was going to be a hair stylist but I guess the universe had different plans for me!

2. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid it would have to be a mix between the mens magazine Stuff and Teen Vogue. I had older brothers and I would always sneak into their room to read Stuff magazine. It had sex, dating and life advice plus hot girls I dreamed of growing up to look like! I use to cut out all the photos in Teen Vogue and make strange collages and scrap books with them. I have a fond memory of taping cat and dog faces over models. Basically you would have these kitten and puppies with killer bodies… yeah weird I don’t know either.

3. My high school years involved a lot of feeling like shit, being upset and hoping there was more to life. I actually got kicked out of high school in 11th grade (thank god). I come from a sorta strict family who took school very serious. I would of NEVER been able to drop out so I had to take it in my own hands. Don’t regret a minute of it. Skrew kids they are assholes!

4. Now I get to work on on awesome things everyday. I get to play with clothing, makeup and create inspiring content as well as make the clothing of my dreams. I actually deal with A LOT of business not so fun and glamourous things as well, those aren’t so fun to talk about!
5. I have a crush on Ryan

5. I have a crush on Ryan Gosling & Zac Efron… go head judge me.

6. I now live in NYC, LA and Philly… I hope around a lot depending on work and my family is in Philly. Currently im in NYC though!

7. People think this of me: that im always dressed up crazy and im super girly. I actually dress very low key. Think Mary Kate Olsen via 2009. I grew up with all boys so im more of a tom boy girl who happens to loves pink.

8. We are almost done here. I love bubble baths, tea, sushi, kitties, rose candles, astrology, chinatown, pho, comfy white beds and the color nude.

Can you leave us with one last thought?
Do what feels right at all times even if everyone tells you it’s wrong. You know best.


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