10 Baby Animals I’d Rather Look At Than Baby Scorpions

So BuzzFeed posted these and said they were babies:

Naturally, I like my baby animals to be cute and not like something from a sci fi movie. The above photo made me upset. That’s some straight up “Where the F is my lighter fluid and matches” kinda stuff right there. Let’s look at these instead:

Baby sloth? Yes plz

Baby Hedgies? Yes. All day:

Baby badger? Hell yeah:

Baby bat? Why sure!

Baby whatever the hell these are:

Baby tapir? Defs!

Baby bunny? BUH-RANG IT

Baby dillo? Yep:

Baby panda? Why hello!

Baby pig? I will never eat a bacon again:

We hope you have enjoyed our 10 Baby Animals We’d Rather Chill With Than Whatever Aliens vs Predator.