Throughout the Day

What a craaaazy day I had seriously, everything that happened did, good and bad! This morning I woke up and packaged and labeled a bunch of orders. Then I came up stairs and tried to unclogg the toliet because it was giving us problems, all the sudden while I was plunging and flushing it, it like OVER flowed everywhere. The water from the top tank wouldn’t stop shooting out. Atleast it was clean water haha. The water kept coming out and I didn’t know how to stop it, it flowed into the kitchen we literally had like 2 inches of water flowing in our kitchen and bathroom. I finally just turned the valve on the toliet to turn the water off, and then Josh and I were left with like a FLOOD to clean up. We took every towel we had and got up most of the water. It was so frustrating we were both screaming at each otheer. I then had to go out get a mop, pine sole, a new plunger, and a toliet snake? I don’t know it is some kind of device that uncloggs toliets. So after mopping the floor Josh & I unclogged the toliet. It was QUIET a morning/afternoon.

After the whole toliet fiasco I had to run to the post office and drop off a ton of USA orders. Then I decided to head to Ulta and stock up on some un needed makeup haha. Whenever I walk into that store I spend far to much money. That’s what happens when I sit online and watch makeup tutorials all night, I have to go out and get the makeup! Then I picked up some food and headed to my Dad’s to pick up my package from Forever 21.. I can’t wait to do a haul for you guys, chiffon chiffon chiffon!!!

Also, today I found out pretty last minute that I am going to LA on Sunday for an awesome event! Ahhh I can’t wait, it is going to be super fun. I am going with Hanna and Keltie and I can’t wait to get to some warm weather! Thank goodness Hanna is letting me stay with her, because Josh is staying at home and I hate staying anywhere alone, even at my house haha!

Now I just need to find out what I should wear! I was thinking like a black dress, or like disco pants and a top.. IDK so many options!!

Oh and friday I have a long awaited tattoo appointment with Josh Bodwell! I can’t wait!

Welllll- that was my chaotic, yet amazing day. Hope yours was fabulous!

P.S.. have you entered my twitter contest to win a “Chain Headpiece” ?


Samii Ryan