Samii Ryan: The Bully Project

Hey Loves!

So there is an amazing new doctumentary coming out called The Bully Project & it was produced by The Weinsten Company. I think that it is fantastic that such a big company is backing this issue. Bullying has hit close to home for my family & I and I wanted to breifly share my story on my experience with bullying.

When my little sister Jill was in high school she had a group of friends with about 8 girls, middle of the school year they found out that one had brain cancer. Unfortunately she passed away when she was 16. The group of girls fell apart and Jill was left with her 2 best friends not the whole group of girls. The months passing J’s death Jill was getting anonymous letters and cards telling Jill it was her fault J died and she should just kill herself. These letters were so insane! They were telling Jill that she is ugly, get a nose job, it was all her fault J died and telling her to take her own life.

To me as an older sister, this was so crazy and it really angered me that I couldn’t do anything about it. After my mom called the police they said that this is what teenagers do. And to me that is CRAZY because it is only an issue to the government or to police officers when someone commits suicide. Every life is worth living and bullying NEEDS to be put to a stop. No one should be told to end their life.

Be the difference. I hope you join the pledge to end bullying like I did.

For more information on how to help visit The Bully Project!