Hanna Beth Rocks Out To B52 At Her Prom!

Buzznet: What was your high school prom theme?

Hanna Beth: Hmm.. I don’t think we had a theme! They did it at a restaurant in Malibu on the water. 


BN: Did you go with a friend or someone you had a crush on?

HB: I took my friend Ray.. He was my best friend from the school I went to before the one I was currently at. He took me to his prom, so I took him to mine.


BN: What was your prom song?

HB: Rock lobster – B52.


BN: What did you wear to prom?

HB: Betsey Johnson dress with Converse. 


BN: Who would you take as your ultimate celebrity crush prom date?

HB: Gary Oldman 


BN: What is your best memory from prom?

HB: The after party I had at the Hyatt hotel on Sunset Blvd.


BN: How did your date ask you to prom?

HB: I asked him! Well.. I guess it was mutual? ha


BN: What makes a memorable prom? 

HB: Good music & fun friends.


BN: What would be on your prom playlist?

HB: All classic rock.. You can’t go wrong with a bit of Bowie & the Stones!


What was the most memorable part of YOUR prom?!