Floral and Leather


Todays Attire

Shirt: Forever 21 (Chiffon Top)

Pants: Bongo Jeans

Boots: Steve Madden

Jacket: Charolette Russe

Hat: H&M

Earring: By Samii Ryan x Mandy Jiroux (www.bysamiiryan.com)

Today was beyond amazing! I woke up did some orders, finally did an OOTD haha and went to pick up my old tin can car from the shop. So on our way my Dad and I decided to stop at this dealership since I was looking for a new car. And NO Daddy is not buying me a car, I am doing this all myself, hehe kinda proud because my car is a golden tin can haha! So I decided on getting a 2012 Toyota Camry and it is black and I love it! I can’t wait to drive it out of the lot tomorrow with a sense of fullfilment in myself.

After that I got a message from my cousin that one of my tutorials was on Good Morning America- like WHAT! So that was pretty dang awesome!!! Then Josh, Chris and I headed to the mall to pick up some things for my LA trip. I got a ton of accessories, and a cute black cap sleeve dress. I love it. So simple! Then I stopped into Aeropostale to check out there new gear, and I must say- I am liking what I am seeing! Can’t wait to wear some of the items I got today.

What else happened today… OH a production company reached out to me to cast me for a new series. uhhhhm cool?

hmm pretty much just had a wonderful day! Loving life right now and I am so thank ful and appreciative for all of it.

See guys, hard work does pay off!

Follow your dreams & never give up. This is just the beginning for me.. Stay tuned!!