Behind The Scenes With Demi Lovato: How She Chose Her Boyfriend!

Picking out a guy to become your boyfriend is hard enough in real-life, so imagine picking out a guy to make your boyfriend in just a matter of hours! Demi Lovato was placed in that situation recently – and no, Demi wasn’t a part of a reality dating show: she had to pick out her boyfriend for her music video for “Give Your Heart a Break.” While the video doesn’t premiere on E! for another couple of hours, Demi gave E! the lowdown behind the scenes and explained what it was like to pick out her boyfriend in the video. What a lucky girl!

Find out just how Demi made the big decision:

Demi explains in the footage: “I always love doing music videos, because they send me, like, 20 guys, and they’re like, ‘Pick the cutest one that you want to be your boyfriend’—and I was like, ‘This is so awesome.’

“I really think the most challenging part of shooting my music video was that I was actually on set for the first time and the director said, ‘OK, you and this guy, you’re going to cuddle now. We totally had to look like a real couple five minutes after meeting.”

Who would you like to see Demi Lovato star in a music video with?